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An HPO Experiment is a grouping of SigOpt Runs where different parameter configurations yield different metric values.

clientstringThe id of the Client who created the SigOpt Experiment.
conditionalsarray<Conditional>See conditionals.
createdintThe timestamp (in seconds since epoch) that this experiment was created.
idstringA unique ID for a given a experiment.
linear_constraintsarray<Parameter Constraint>See constraints.
metadatamap<string, value>Optional user-provided metadata.
metricsarray<Metric>See Metrics for more information.
namestringA user-specified name for this experiment.
num_solutionsintSee Multisolution for more information.
budgetintSee Budget for more information.
parallel_bandwidthintThe number of simultaneous Runs you plan to maintain during this experiment. The default value for this is 1, i.e., a sequential experiment. The maximum value for this is dependent on your plan. This field is optional, but setting it correctly may improve performance.
parametersarray<Parameter>An array of parameter objects.
progressProgressThe current progress of this experiment.
projectstringThe id of the project that a given experiment belongs to.
statestringThe state of this experiment. Can be active (for experiments that are currently running), or deleted (for experiments that have been deleted).
typestringA type for this experiment. Used for random and grid.
updatedintThe timestamp (in seconds since epoch) that this experiment was last updated.
userstringThe id of the user who created the experiment.